Search Engine Conversion Optimization (SECO) Made Easy

Eight Quick Tips. By Sandra G Corbin Managing Director Strategy Consultants (c) SC 2014

You have a website and social media channels. Everyone says they are great but you don’t just want lots of views.  You need sales. So how can you convert those views or survey results into retention and ultimately sales of your product or service.

A good SEO strategist will add value to your business,  reduce the bounce rate and ensure that your return on your investment leads to purchases.
SEO companies and consultants use tools to analyze who is visiting your site or social media. They can even find how visitors arrived at your page, what was viewed as well as what were the barriers to closing the sale.  In other words assess user behavior.

A good firm will be able to look at the key performance indicators (KPI) that will show you why utilizing the new methods they implemented worked.

Here are 8 quick tips you can use to assist website and social media visitors into customers or clients;
• Make the journey easy for your visitors through a sales funnel process
• Identify customer needs and Offer content that spurs action
• Monitor and measure analytics
• Identify and erase barriers – for example is the site difficult to navigate
• Make sure that your message is clear
• Ensure customers understand the value in your offer
• Make sure endorsements are on your site
• Make sure that it encourages your visitors to convert others to utilize your services

With exciting web content, a dynamic design, impressive layout, ease of use you will significantly create a better user experience.

However, this is just the beginning of the search engine conversion process.

If YOU found Search Engine Conversion Optimization (SECO) Made Easy – Eight Quick Tips useful.

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