A Record of Achievement:

“It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of
Sandra Corbin, who I recruited as Earned Revenue Manager of Almond Resorts Inc., during my tenure as Group Director of Human Resources. Her professional knowledge, relationship extension, intellect, and ability to think strategically and translate that into tangible revenue management initiatives, programs and practices, that also made good business sense, was a delight to witness. She is a business leader and innovator, never content with the status quo and always looking for ways to continually improve. She aspired to reach new heights, express and excel in her own talent, skills and abilities, contribute and add value to the entire operation, with an amazing level of commitment and passion. Michelle May Chairman/Founder, MPM ENTERPRISES, LLC Former Group Director of Human Resources, Almond Resorts, Inc”…Testimonial

Boosted revenues at Almond Resorts in tours department. Shifted sums from a negative position in 12 weeks to 100,000 per month at peak.

The department never returned to negative revenues during the Two and a half year period of consultancy.

Digital Marketing

“I’ve always believed in continually evolving our products and services by creating strategic alliances between communications, PR. sales, marketing and IT globally was the way forward.” Sandra G Corbin

With the reduction of apparent borders due to cyberspace globalisation at last clients have a wide choice of service providers and access to the best resources and talent available within their budget.

Through her company Ms Corbin provides just that.


“Sandra knows Marketing inside-out. She is able to see the big picture, works smart and is very results-oriented. We worked together in a start-up company and she was able to provide a client base in very short order.” Molly Crawford, HR Cage Barbados…Testimonial

Ground breaking in Barbados 2013 amongst the first set of pioneers in the Caribbean to have an app as a marketing platform. Built by team member Matthew Jordan. This was born out of the original site.

Email Marketing

Pioneered email marketing in the Barbados in 2003 with the use of database and creative e-flyers Sending out 100s of promos to corporate Barbados for each campaign. Creating awareness of the companies services focusing on its training division.
This led to a demand for the companys e-blasts service.

Mobile Phone Marketing

Sent out interactive flyers via mobile phone platforms in Barbados in 2013

Ever developing new marketing initiatives to be able to suit clients needs.